Quite simply, your “brand” is how you show up in all that you do.

Your brand is represented in your visual elements – your logo, your business card, your letterhead.
Your brand is represented in your online presence – your website, your social media, your blog.
Your brand is represented in your interactions with your audience – your emails, your newsletters, your customer service.
Your brand is represented in every aspect of YOU – your attitude, your gratitude, your mood, your manners, your mannerisms, your language, your sense of style, your physical and virtual spaces.
Your brand is how you show up. Everywhere. Anywhere. All. The. Time.

YOU are your brand.

Yoga teachers. Photographers. Visual artists. Designers. Home sellers. Fitness experts. Musicians. Fashion mavens. Artisans. Healers. Mentors. Makers. Actors. Thought leaders. Conjurers. Connectors. Changemakers.

If you have embarked on the courageous journey to transform your craft into a career, your passion into income, what lights you up and feeds your soul into what literally feeds your belly – the idea of branding and marketing yourself can be daunting, uncomfortable, even agonizing. But if this is your path, you MUST forge your brand.

I help creative & soulful entrepreneurs know your WHY, find your VOICE and brand your BLISS. I help you show up conspicuously, consistently and authentically in all that you do.

Start with WHY.

  • Why were you destined for this path you’ve chosen?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How do you accurately define your craft, your area of expertise?
  • How do you distinguish yourself from your peers?
  • How do you communicate the experience your clients will have if they choose you?
  • How do you attract the people you truly want to serve?
  • How do you deliver on your brand promise?

I help you to uncover your WHY, clarify your purpose, craft your brand story, and weave that essence throughout all your points of connection: your visual imagery, your written content, your methodology, your delivery, your offerings, your client interactions.

Meet Andrea.

I am Andrea Ting-Letts, brand storyteller and wanton wordsmith. Nothing brings me greater joy than helping others to shine.

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