Good brands tell compelling origin stories.
People love stories.
People pass on stories they love.

A Little Case Study

Photo credit: BK Studios.

Following the passing of her beloved mother, Julliana Charlton discovered a collection of paintings her mother had chosen not to share with the world. Julianna decided to have the artwork printed onto high-performance fabric made from recycled pop bottles, and designed a line of women’s activewear. NoMiNoU now features not only Jullianna’s mother’s artwork but also emerging artists from around the world, many from Indigenous cultures. Through the company’s Global Arts Initiative, NoMiMoU provides international exposure and fair compensation to the artists with whom they collaborate.

Among the many cloaks I wear, I am a yoga instructor, a brand storyteller, a human rights advocate, a lifelong environmentalist, an arts enthusiast, and a daughter. Julliana’s story compelled me at every level. Not only am I a loyal customer, I take the opportunity to share this story with anyone who hints they are looking for new yoga wear. (For the record, NoMiNoU is not one of my clients. I just love her story, and it illustrates poignantly how a good brand story creates a ripple effect to attract like-minded people. That’s me, over there, sporting my favourite NoMiNoU pants for a photo shoot for Infinite Bliss Yoga, my yoga brand.)

Let’s tell your compelling brand story.

Know Your WHY

We explore your origin story, identify your purpose, and clarify your guiding principles and values. We find who you really want to serve, what problems they are trying to solve, and why they should choose you. I create your Essential Message Brief, which outlines your primary message, brand promise, brand archetype and brand vocabulary.

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Find Your VOICE

I believe your “brand” shows up in all that you do. I mentor you to reflect your brand promise in your relationships with clients, partners, and employees. I help you create consistency, clarity, and efficiency through your customer service, business practices, time management, goal-setting, and more.

$99 per 90-min session,
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Brand Your BLISS

From the building blocks established in your Essential Message Brief, I craft the written elements of your brand: website copy, social media profiles, bios, blog posts, newsletters, ad copy, intake forms, questionnaires, email templates, promotional materials, media releases, and more. I also provide editing for pre-existing written materials.

Packages from $349

“Our calling is where
and the WORLD’s HUNGER meet.”

~ Fredrich Buechner