Nothing brings me greater joy than empowering you to find your own voice.
In small group learning environments, we explore the key elements you will need to craft your own brand story.
Below are samples of my workshop offerings, or I can customize curriculum for you and a group of your peers.
Single workshops run 1.5-3 hours in length, or can be grouped together for a weekend retreat.

Discover Your WHY Chromosome:
The Theory & The Practice

Unravel the DNA of your personal brand. Uncover what has always made you distinctive, and learn where and how to apply this to your business or career. Knowing your WHY allows you to identify and attract those you truly want to serve.

Define Your WHY:
Create Your Charter of Intentions

Knowing your WHY enables you to show up consistently & authentically in everything you do. Like an expanded mission statement, your Charter of Intentions is your personal covenant that defines what you intend to deliver in your services.

Apply Your WHY, Part 1:
Deliver on Your Brand Promise

How do you create a connection to your clientele that is meaningful and memorable? How do you build (and feed) your tribe? Knowing and living your WHY is the key to attracting and nourishing those you really want to serve. Serving your clients with consistency is the key to keeping them loyal.

Apply Your WHY, Part 2:
Write Your Bio

The biggest challenge to writing about yourself is navigating the tightrope between too humble and too bold. Get hands-on guidance to help you write a bio that feels just right for your intended audience.

Apply Your WHY, Part 3:
Write Your Website Content

You have a website. So now what? How can you craft content that defines what you do, how you do it, and why it is vital to your audience? Learn how to create written content for your site that will intrigue your audience, give clear information, and inspire them to take action.

What’s in it for you?

From each workshop, you will leave with useful tools & ideas, concrete examples, and DIY content to help you define, establish, and broadcast your brand.

I present annually at the Victoria Yoga Conference, and have conducted workshops and delivered presentations for Westshore Women’s Business Network and Victoria Women of Weddings.

“People don’t buy WHAT you do.
They buy WHY you do it.”

~Simon Sinek